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Industrial Facilities

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Protecting Solar Panels Against Birds in Industrial Facilities

In the industrial world, the transition to solar energy has become a priority for many companies looking to reduce their environmental footprint and optimize their operating costs.

However, the efficiency and integrity of solar panels can be compromised by the presence of birds, whose droppings and activities can cause significant damage.

This is where the innovative Prosolar Birds PSB comes into play, a technological solution specifically designed to protect solar panels against birds effectively and sustainably.

Why is it essential to protect your solar panels from birds in industrial facilities?

In industrial facilities, the protection of solar panels against birds is essential to ensure production efficiency for several reasons:

Bowel movements

Birds often leave droppings on the surface of solar panels, which can obstruct sunlight and reduce power generation efficiency.


Birds perched on the panels can create shadows that decrease the amount of sunlight reaching the solar cells, thus reducing energy production.


Birds can build nests in the spaces between solar panels, which can cause physical damage to electrical wires and components, as well as obstruct the air circulation needed to keep the panels cool.


The constant flapping of birds’ wings around solar panels can generate vibrations that potentially affect the structural integrity of the panels or mounting systems, increasing the risk of long-term damage.

Why is it critical to protect solar panels against birds in industrial facilities?

In the industrial sector, solar panels represent a significant investment in the transition to renewable energy.

Protecting these assets from birds is crucial to maintaining their optimal performance and prolonging their lifespan.

Here are some compelling reasons to properly protect your solar panels in industrial facilities:

Maintaining energy performance

It prevents clogging of the panels and reducing their efficiency due to bird droppings.

Prevention of Physical Damage

Protects the panels from damage caused by bird flapping or movements.

Ensuring a constant supply of sustainable energy

By keeping the panels free of interference, an uninterrupted supply of clean energy for business operations is ensured.

Industrial Facilities

Protecting Solar Panels Against Birds in Industrial Facilities: Prosolar Birds PSB

For the industrial sector, the protection of solar panels is crucial to ensure optimal performance and extend their lifespan.

With the Prosolar Birds PSB device, companies can mitigate the negative impact of birds and their waste on panels

Its smart design and ability to adapt to various panel configurations make it an effective, low-maintenance solution for protecting commercial solar investments.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What maintenance measures are recommended to ensure the protection of solar panels against birds in industrial installations?

It is recommended to regularly clean the surface of the solar panels to remove bird droppings and other debris that may obstruct sunlight. Additionally, it is important to inspect the panels and their surroundings for signs of damage caused by birds and to take preventive measures, such as installing deterrent devices.

How often should solar panel maintenance be performed to ensure their protection against birds?

The frequency of solar panel maintenance can vary depending on the environment and local conditions. However, it is recommended to perform periodic cleanings at least once a year, in addition to regular inspections to detect any signs of bird interference and take corrective measures as needed.

How does proper maintenance of solar panels affect their lifespan and performance?

Proper maintenance of solar panels in industrial environments not only helps protect them from bird-related issues but also contributes to extending their lifespan and maintaining optimal performance over time. Regular maintenance can prevent costly damage and ensure consistent and efficient energy generation.

Is the Prosolar Birds PSB compatible with all types of solar panels?

Yes, the Prosolar Birds PSB is compatible with most types of solar panels available on the market. Its versatile design and adjustable mounting system make it adaptable to a wide range of panel configurations.